Saturday, December 13, 2008

Credit Card Updates

Did I mention that I printed my blog about my credit card woes and furnished my local BDO branch a copy? I figured the amiable staff there deserved to know when I suddenly pull out all my accounts from them. Not that it was really worth that much. That was on December 9.

The next day, I was at a MCLE seminar when our admin called and said that a messenger was there to deliver my card. Interesting. I thought it would take them longer. Apparently not when you raise hell.

But then something happened that totally made my new BDO credit card seem...corny?

When I got home, a pretty shiny black envelope was waiting for me. Imagine my surprise when upon opening the envelope, it featured a shiny new Rustan's-Citibank credit card! I was so excited! Rebates at Rustan's and SSI stores. Woohoo! Happiness! (Or financial ruin.) It's all perspective.

And beat this, BDO, their credit limit is higher and they are accepted in MORE stores for 0% installment.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BDO Credit Card - I've Reached My Limit

Readers of this blog know that only a gorgeous handbag can bring palpitations to my heart.

However, a recent incident involving my BDO credit card almost made my blood pressure soar through the roof.

Last 6 December 2008, at around 1 pm, I loaded gas at the Petron service station at the corner of EDSA and Connecticut Street. Thereafter, I presented my BDO Gold Credit Card for payment of my gas bill. The gas station attendant asked me to move my car and wait beside their convenience store and they will bring my card and the receipt to me. I waited for several minutes before a soft-spoken gas attendant approached my car and informed me that my card was denied. He said that the bank informed them not to honor my credit card.

I was shocked beyond belief. I had just paid for my credit card bill which falls due at the end of the month. My credit limit is Php100,000.00 so there was no possible way I exceeded the limit. Embarrassed, I fished for cash from my purse to pay for my gas. It was a good thing I brought cash that day.

Upon reaching my friend's house, I immediately placed a call to the BDO Credit Card Customer Service hotline. I was then informed by a harried customer service representative that they have UNILATERALLY cancelled my card because they were undergoing a re-card program. As such, my credit card has been cancelled since 2 December 2008.

What the?! In the first place, my latest SOA did not contain any information about a re-card program. Why was I not informed of the same so I could have made the necessary arrangements? I was horribly pissed because I could have been at a restaurant with my family or at a store with no way to pay for my purchases.

Second, if assuming the re-card program was made in good faith, where was my replacement card? The rep told me that their contractor attempted to serve my new card last 28 November 2008 but it was not handed to me for "various reasons".

I checked my calendar. 28 November 2008 was a Friday and a fairly busy one for me. I was in my office the entire day. My monthly statements of account are served to me at my office. Hence, the new card should have been served there as well following my indicated preferences, right? No.

Further, for my other credit cards, they were conscientious enough to send me notices by email or by text messages if they are unable to deliver a SOA or have me receive my card. Simple customer service dictated that a similar treatment be accorded to me by BDO considering that they were planning to cancel my credit card on the next working day, 2 December 2008. Unfortunately, I was not granted the same and I had to find out the hard way four (4) days after they UNILATERALLY cancelled my card.

What made the situation even worse for me is their failure to quickly resolve the matter. I was told that I could only have my credit card reactivated on the next working day. They pretty much told me they will need 8 (!) working days to get my new card sent to me.

What?!! This is the freaking Christmas season! I use my credit card precisely because I don't want to be lugging around cash in my bag while navigating an overcrowded mall full of people in a shopping frenzy. Likewise, I don't want to line up in front of an ATM. It's too dangerous and defeats the purpose of getting a credit card in the first place.

Am I frustrated? Yes, I am. In the meantime, I use my other credit card for my purchases. Too bad for you, BDO! Or maybe not. Maybe they don't need my business in this economic recession.

However, I have found the perfect excuse now. So, to my family and friends, I am sorry. No gifts for you this Christmas! My credit card was declined.