Saturday, December 13, 2008

Credit Card Updates

Did I mention that I printed my blog about my credit card woes and furnished my local BDO branch a copy? I figured the amiable staff there deserved to know when I suddenly pull out all my accounts from them. Not that it was really worth that much. That was on December 9.

The next day, I was at a MCLE seminar when our admin called and said that a messenger was there to deliver my card. Interesting. I thought it would take them longer. Apparently not when you raise hell.

But then something happened that totally made my new BDO credit card seem...corny?

When I got home, a pretty shiny black envelope was waiting for me. Imagine my surprise when upon opening the envelope, it featured a shiny new Rustan's-Citibank credit card! I was so excited! Rebates at Rustan's and SSI stores. Woohoo! Happiness! (Or financial ruin.) It's all perspective.

And beat this, BDO, their credit limit is higher and they are accepted in MORE stores for 0% installment.


Batibut said...

i guess that made your new year more than just happy! ;-P

Anonymous said...

I hate BDO credit card services!

It was a total ruin in my finances..
I have been billed with the wrong account number and for five months I paid the sum amounting to 31, 000.

and when I found out they billed me the wro0ng account number kung san pa ako pinasapasa na customer service. and it took so Long for them to take action..

Never buy out a BDO service.

Anonymous said...

BDO company collects their payments from the customer quick and yet when their customers have problem with their banking they take too Long to take action!~

BDO coLLects but never heLp to correct! BDo sucks. I've encountered many people whose problems are the same with mine