Monday, July 27, 2009

Shoes for the Vertically Challenged

For the vertically challenged male, help may soon be here. Introducing the Bradford AddHeight Elevator Shoes:

I saw their two page ad today in the Manila Bulletin's Lifestyle Special Issue. I couldn't believe it. I had to check their website to see what they're all about. How does it work? Well, according to the website:

The secret of the height increase that our quality footwear provides lies in the carefully crafted hidden height increaser and interior construction. The hidden height increaser improves your posture and gives you an immediate feeling of increased confidence and an increase of up to 4 inches in height depending on the shoes style. In real terms that means a man who stands at 5'5" would achieve a height of 5'9" with our 'regular looking' shoes as soon as he slipped them on!

A bold promise! I can think of several friends I can recommend this to. Hehehe. If you want to try these shoes out, the company offers free overnight express shipping. BP, what are you waiting for?!


monk said...

NEVER! I'd sooner get a hairpiece.

BagLove said...

Dude, a hairpiece will not make us converse eye to eye. Hehehe