Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

I'm watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style! I love the new season with Gretta Monahan. She seems friendlier and a lot more approachable than Veronica Webb.

I want a Tim Gunn intervention!

This week's episode is about Erica Mollica, a bride-to-be, who is tall and thin and has been having difficulty finding clothes to fit her 5'11" frame.

I totally cannot relate.

However, that doesn't stop me from trying to pick up a tip or two and sharing them with you.

He just said that there would be no "keeper" capris. He is totally against them. I feel so guilty! Darn! Had to head to my closet and fold the capris away.

Skirts should fall just above, just below or right at the knee. I'm good on this point.

The makeover starts with an underwear fitting. Her confidence boosted with the proper bra at the right size. Mental note: Get bra fitting during the weekend.

Tim Gunn shows the girl a lifesize image of her. I'm scared at how my image would have looked like.

Silhouette. Proportion. Fit. - Tim Gunn's three key words.

She got to wear Brian Atwood shoes. I'm jealous.

Tyson Beckford is in the house. I'm now beyond jealous. Even his voice is beyond sexy. He kissed her hand. I just died! This girl is really lucky!

It's shopping time. Tim Gunn hands the girl his ten essential items. I'm checking my closet to see if I have these ten items and what needs to be updated. Yes! More reasons (excuses!) to go shopping.

She's now on a visit to InStyle magazine where they are planning her honeymoon outfit. She got a DVF gift set with two bikinis and a coverup. Is there a local Tim Gunn version and is he visiting me soon?

They're now shopping at Neiman Marcus. I'm annoyed at how tall and thin she is. Her legs are probably taller than me. Sourgraping me!

Designer Yigal Azrouel is actually hot. His clothes are gorgeous too. She gets to choose a dress! I would cry too.

Hair and makeup. Tip: Wear a button down shirt when getting your hair and makeup done. Otherwise, how will you change into your fancy clothes without ruining your hair and makeup?

It's reveal time. I love the dress she chose. Her husband-t0-be is floored. It's a Cinderella story!


Anonymous said...

I think I just saw a replay of the episode. The girl is hot. Tall and thin.

jaymee said...

I watched this episode too...and also felt that i couldnt relate - sa balakang pa lang e! hehe. I also love the show How To Look Good Naked. It features a lot of women with hips and arms like mine. Harhar.

Note to self: update hairstyle

BagLove said...

Hi Jaymee!

Will check out that show. But definitely, a good haircut really makes a difference.