Wednesday, July 15, 2009 sale

Hold on to your credit cards, girls!

The official online store of YSL is now on sale! I'm not sure up to when the sale will last. And it's irrelevant to me since I'm not a US resident. Sob!

In any case, I'm still drooling. Here are some of my picks if money was something I picked up from a trust fund:

It's hard to put on and it's got an ankle strap. There are several reasons why these silver Cage platform shoes are not the most practical buys. However, bear with me as I dream.

These Muse shades are so cool! I can see myself shielding my eyes with them while walking through the urban jungle shopping mall.

This is a blog about bags after all. And the over sized blue iridescent patent Muse is really pretty. I like the fact that the color is almost a neutral so you can wear it with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Anyhoo, as you can see I am back to blogging. With the sale season in full swing, there will be plenty of bags (and other stuff) to blog about.


Anonymous said...

Post a picture of your new Muse!

BagLove said...

Soon, soon... Patience...