Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Signs that You're a Bag Addict

1. You are subscribed to the Purse Forum where you post pictures of your extensive bag showcase.

2.You bring a plastic bag where you put your bag when it rains.

3. You call the bags by their names. You give your bags names.

4. You skip meals to save money for a new bag.

5. You can distinguish between deerskin and nappa, crocodile and python.

6. You know the Sales Associates by their names. You have a favorite SA. Her number is on your phone's speed dial.

7. You ask to be put on a waitlist for a bag that the Sales Associate does not even know existed.

8. You count the days until your next bag purchase.

9. Your heart palpitates when sale season starts.

10. You've memorized the bag manufacturer's date codes and can tell the year when a bag was made.

* Picture courtesy of Eluxury.


Anonymous said...

How about heart palpitations? Is that also a sign? It also goes with shoesssssssss and clothesssss and fooddddddd....!!!!
Di kaya mamatay tayo nito ng maaga.
Ayan ha, nagcomment pa ko!:)

Anonymous said...