Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to Prevent Your Speedy Bag from Sagging

As promised, this is my post on how to keep your LV Speedy bag from sagging. These tips are from personal experience and I make no warranties on their effectivity in your situation.

We, bag addicts, think of our bags as our little babies. A little TLC can go a long way in maintaining the overall look and shape of our Speedy bag.

1. Do not overload your bag.
The typical Speedy bag is made from canvas, accounting for the bag's slouchy structure. Overloading the bag places greater stress on its bottom. You will see that when your bag is full, the bottom tends to sag.

2. When not in use, store the bag with stuffing.
I use a mixture of bond paper and bubble wrap. Works for me. My officemate, MB, uses a plastic pillow (not quite sure how to call it) which came with her Mini Lin Speedy. Make sure to air tbe bag occasionally when planning to store for long periods of time to keep the lining from drying out and sticking together. It has been known to happen! Particularly with the bags with suede lining.

3. Add a base to the bag.
I bought a base shaper for my Speedy bags from a seller in Multiply. The base shapers come in different colors and textures. My sister, however, does not like using it because the edges stick out which may cause stress at the point where the edges are located. One wrong move and it may cause the bag to rip.

Others have used an old t-shirt or pillowcase to line the bottom. My officemate, MB, uses a cardboard box cut to measure for her bag.

If you have any more tips, do let me know!


Mrs. G said...

Bag stuffing: Get a resealable plastic bag (size depends on the size of your bag). Punch several holes. Stuff the bag with shredded paper. Stuff in bag.

BagLove said...

Cool idea! Thanks, Mrs. G!

Anonymous said...

i use the pillow stuffer which i bought from multiply

BagLove said...

Great idea! Which site did you get your pillow stuffer?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is nearly impossible to make a real Louis Vuitton rip, so your sister needn't worry about it. They cost as much as they do because they are meant to last years and take LOTS of damage. Trust me. :)

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