Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working Bags

An officemate (yes, a male one!) asked me why I bring two bags to work everyday. I smiled and cheekily said, "Because I can!" That got me thinking though. How many bags do I need to go to work?

What are the two bags I carry?

Well, I have a black shoulder bag and a red big tote bag. This is on a normal day because I rotate my bags every so often.

The smaller bag is for my essential personal effects - wallet, cellular phones, keys, perfume, makeup kit, tissue, shades, a ballpen and a notebook.

The bigger bag is for my other essentials, the things I may need "just in case" - phone chargers, Ipod and Ipod charger, flats (to alternate with my 4" heels and when I'm driving), a scarf (for chily weather), alcohol wipes, an extra shirt, work documents (if I need to work at home).

Having enumerated all the things in my "just-in-case" tote, I'm not so sure I need to bring the extra bag. However, what can I do? It's a security blanket.

How about you? How many bags do you carry around?

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