Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hermes for Babies

Now, I admit that I am somewhat of a label whore. And yes, I can see myself clothing my future (distant, at that) babies in Baby Dior. Wait, a minute! The (distant)future mommy will need her bag love fix. So, maybe not Baby Dior.

Anyway, I was browsing through the Hermes website daydreaming when I stumbled upon this...

Hermes Baby Gifts!

Hermes Small Plush Horse USD490! Large size USD890

Whoa! That horse must have gold teeth. Hehehe.

Moving on, for the baby born with a Titanium Mastercard in her mouth, feed her using nothing but the best utensils like this Hermes Spoon and Fork Set in sterling silver for USD445.

And of course, we have these lambskin booties. Adorable. USD215. Good until 3 months.

I guess for that precious bundle of joy, some things may never be too much for some mommies. Hehehe! What do you think, Mrs. AAP?


Mrs. G said...

I bet you will give nothing less to your future godson, Baby G Jr.

BagLove said...

Of course, Mrs. G. But only if Baby G is a girl! Bwahahaha!

Batibut said...

hahaha literally, "born with a silver spoon and fork in their mouths." people actually buy this sh*t?!?!

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