Monday, September 1, 2008

Manday Monday - Joey's Man Bag

Last week, I featured a picture of Joey and his man bag. Some people (I meant you, Mrs. G.!) apparently did not get the connection having never seen the episode being referred to. So here you go, the video of the episode with Joey's Manbag:

I find it funny that this episode was shot more than ten years ago and still man bags have yet to be fully accepted as an essential part of a man's wardrobe. I say, if we women can take men's jeans and make them our own, there is no reason why men can't embrace their man bags as well.


Mrs. G said...

It's soooo funny! U-N-I sexy!

I never realized a full episode of Friends was only 6 minutes, and we were watching 24 minutes of commercials.

BagLove said...

There's more pa naman. So it's not actually only 6 minutes. But imagine this, by the last season, the cast of Friends was getting 1MUSD per episode!

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