Monday, September 29, 2008

Kate as Emma and Succumbing to TGIFriday's Commercial

I spent Saturday night at MM's house after we stayed up late watching Emma, an adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel starring Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong. Definitely a fun watch!

On a side note, Kate seemed to have had something done to her face. Contrast 2005 and 1996:

Unless she has a magic potion from growing old gracefully? Whatever it is, I'm buying.

On another shallow note, Mark Strong had a receding hairline situation which was very distracting. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shallow, shallow. However, per MM, this adaptation was very faithful to the novel so do check it out.

The next day, Sunday (late) morning came with perfect sunny weather. What should be done? Well, turn on the TV, of course! And the first commercial that came on was the one for TGI Friday's.

Jennifer Sipes in TGI Friday's Commercial from on Vimeo.

MM and I stared at each other. Fried Mac and Cheese!

Thirty minutes (or so) later, we were in Bonifacio High Street ordering Fried Mac and Cheese. Yes, we are the best subjects for those ads! Here's the proof:


Michelle said...

love their fried mac and cheese, too! yum. :)

BagLove said...

di ba?! must eat to appreciate!

BagLove said...

di ba?! must eat to appreciate!

Kristine said...

Wala...loyal ako sa malalaking onion rings...!!!!! On face---oiliness is next to ugliness. On junk food---oiliness is ultimate happiness. Dig it on on lotsa mayo and OMG...pwede ka nang ma-stroke. Ahahahahaha!!!!

BagLove said...

@kristine - yes, remember the motto! text me naman when you are heading to the "business center".