Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Two Reasons to Go Back to TGI Friday's

MM and I had fun at TGI Friday's Bonifacio High Street during the weekend. However, we are sure to come back for two more good reasons:

Reason No. 1 - Come back on Wednesday night for Mojito Nights:

Reason No. 2 - Come back on Saturday night for Margarita Madness:

Definitely two great reasons to come back, don't you agree?

Again, sorry for the sorry state of the picture quality. If only I had cameras for eyes...


Michelle said...

we keep on coming back to tgif but not for the reasons that you mentioned. my girls sooo love their broccoli cheese soup! and for that, we've become regular customers at atc branch (as in every saturday night, phew!). hmmm... would love to try those mojito nights and margarita madness, i wish! hehe.

BagLove said...

@michelle - tara! gather the girls and let's go!

Kristine said...

For all branches ba yan?

I loooooooooove mojito! But my most favorite would be the Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano. Pero minsan...hindi makatarungan ang presyo!!!Ü

TGIF should look more closely though in the flavor consistency of their drinks. May na-order na ko na mojito na hindi lasang mojito. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Kristine said...

Hey Baglove, when dya want to go?! Hahaha, magsabi ka lang. Nauubos na ang mga kasama ko sa kulto! Wala na ko mayaya dahil lahat nagpapakasal na...! What dddd...?!

Tara, sabihan kita if I feel like coming out of my cocoon. Party tayo...!!! Busy busy busy...grrr.

BagLove said...

@kristine - Tara! invite the michelle and let's go! mahirap to be the last women standing... single. Hehehe.