Thursday, September 25, 2008

Surviving the Drought and the Tresorie Bag Sale

Photo from The Bag Hag

Ordinary employees know that the months between August to October are the months of "drought". What do I mean? Let me explain....

Salaried employees are happiest from November to January. Most corporations release their 13th month and/or Christmas bonus in stages during those months. Wallets are full. Celebrations are plentiful.

Thereafter, especially when you have good relations with your employers, you get your salary adjustment shortly after January. A few privileged souls also get mid-year bonuses. The happy months with extra money should last until July. Hence, just in time for the summer sales.

Then, the drought months arrive. And one has to live within the confines of one's monthly salary. Take out the income taxes automatically deducted (it hurts!) and one is seldom left with enough money for the little joys of life (bags!)

That is where I am right now.

Then, while checking out the Tresormakati website, I saw this -

Sniff. YSL Oversized Muse in Purple. Photo from Tresormakati

Isn't she pretty? In pretty good shape, I think. But you really need to see her in person. Now, the Bag Hag has just announced that they will be having a one-day sale TOMORROW, 26 September 2008!

What?! And little Ms. Purple YSL Muse is one of the bags going on sale. Double what?! Can I bear it?

Can I bear it?

To the lucky ones who are not in drought mode, the details are here.

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