Friday, September 5, 2008

More Hermes Odds and Ends

If money is no object, what would you buy? Apparently, some people buy Hermes gardening tools! The Spade, Trowel and Weeding Fork set with textile bag and cherry tree handles is "reasonably" priced at USD330.

What else can you buy from Hermes aside from the Twillys and Birkins?

More odds and ends after the jump...

Tea anyone? This Hermes teapot is good for two. USD375. Matching mugs and cups sold separately. After all, you may want to mix and match.

Having a quiet dinner with friends? Need to open a bottle of wine? Come prepared with this Hermes pocket leather corkscrew. USD405.

Feeling chilly? Cozy up with a Hermes wool and cashmere blanket in red. USD1175. Black also available.

Finally, do think twice about tapping your cigarette ash on this work of art:

Hermes ashtray USD500

Ok, enough daydreaming. Back to my memorandum drafting.


Mrs. G said...
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Mrs. G said...

If I buy that ashtray, will my guests stop throwing their cigarette butts in my plants.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Your guest will just pocket the ashtray!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Blog some more. Will read some more. Where did you study law?

BagLove said...

@anon - from the best and only law school in this part of the third world

monk said...

Dear Anonymous,
Baglove only claims to be from Ateneo Law but she is not. I must say, however, Baglove respects every man's freedom of speech.