Sunday, August 31, 2008

Men are sooo Observant!

Ever noticed how (not)observant men are?

Last Sunday, taking advantage of the long weekend, I went to Cielo Salon for my scheduled haircut and color with Louis Kee. I have been going to him for the past year and I've been really happy with the results.

Anyways, when my session was done, Louis told me that I couldn't wash my hair for the next three days to let the color absorb and prevent premature fading. Alrighty. Good thing Monday is a holiday.

Tuesday comes and the daily grind begins anew. My entire office was in full busy mode. We were also one lawyer short as one of the lawyers underwent Lasik surgery. It won't be a problem in bigger law firms but it sure is felt in our 7-man team.

Wednesday. I'm getting antsy. Three days of not washing your hair causes oil to build up. I know it's weird but I really felt like the oil from my hair was literally travelling down my face making me feel blah the entire day.

Thursday. After two washings, the oil is gone. The color is starting to come out and I can see the reddish-brown tones in my hair. The layered bob with side-swept bangs works nicely with my hair texture (I have a slight wave in my hair.)Happy, happy. Louis is really a god!

The entire time, I am carrying on intensive conversations with the other female lawyers in my office about the state of my hair. Hehehe. Shallow, I know. But it keeps us from going insane come crunch time.

Friday, I walked into work and into a minor crisis. Conferring the entire time with my boss, I settled the slight problem. Thereafter, I was asked to attend a meeting for my boss. Slightly before lunch, I walk back to the office.

My male officemate stares at me and remarks if I had something done to my hair. It looked different, he said. The girls in my office roll their eyes and inform him that I've been sporting my new hairdo since Tuesday. He responds that he hadn't notice. Sigh.

Later, my boss walks up to me. This time, it was his turn to remark that my hair looked nice and if I had gotten a haircut LAST NIGHT. He then proceeds to say that I was probably fixing my hair because I have a crush in the office. Yes, I am a 17-year old giggly teenager. Sigh. Sigh.

So, ladies, unfortunately, unless you paint your hair orange, men really couldn't tell the difference.

If you do want to try out Louis, contact Cielo Salon at 9013066. They are located at the Columns along Ayala Avenue. Louis will be opening his own salon at the Fort in September. Come for an appointment until September 3 and receive a privilege card.

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