Monday, August 25, 2008

Manday Monday - Dos and Donts in Wearing a Manbag

It's Monday. Time for another Manbag post. For the man about town, here are some dos and donts in wearing a manbag.


1. Do use your manbag when trying to promote hot Brazilian girlfriend's bag line, Muxo.

Matthew McConaughey

2. Do use a man bag when trying to save the world.
Jack Bauer in 24
Indiana Jones

3. Do distract people from your clutch bag with broad shoulders and brooding eyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo


1. Do not wear a manbag that looks suspiciously like your grandmother's bag.

Joey in Friends.

2. Do not use a purple bag. Ever. Even if you are a rap star. Even if it's Hermes and croc.


3. Do not leave home with your wife's purse.

Terence Howard

I hope this little post helps the men out there in deciding how and where to use their man bags. Next week's feature will be on how to choose the right man bag for you.

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Missy E. said...

Pharell, why do you taunt us with your purple Hermes bag? What will you do next, wear Manolo Blahniks?