Friday, August 29, 2008

Team Angelina or Team Jennifer? Let the Bags Decide.

Yes, I know this issue has been dissected to high heavens. However, as these two fashionable women have been carrying seriously gorgeous bags, I felt compelled to do a face off and ask you guys who rocked their bags better.

See pictures after the jump...

Jennifer at the Heathrow Airport with a Hermes Massai. Casual and classic.

Angelina with Maddox brings along her Botkier Sasha. Love the way the white pops against her all black outfit.

Jennifer with a Bottega Veneta bag while Angelina uses her Anya Hindmarch to hide her then pregnant belly.

In several pictures I've seen, Jennifer really loves this bag and has been seen carrying it around everywhere. Angelina favors big white bags with elegant details and this Anya is no exception.

Jennifer with a Dries Von Noten and Angelina with a Valentino (Zahara too!)

These girls really know how to take their casual outfits one notch higher with gorgeous bags.

So? Who do you think did it better?


Anonymous said...


Kristine said...

Couldn't help but's Aniston's classy blacks against Jolie's swanky whites. Colors aside, they've got the same tastes in bags as they have in men. Hahaha!

BagLove said...

Hahahaha! That being the case, I have the same taste in bags with both of them as well as taste in men! Bwahahaha! I wish!

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