Friday, August 1, 2008

Bag Focus: Valextra

Valextra Babila Bag in Oyster
Photo courtesy of Purse Blog

While in HongKong recently, I spotted a bag store in Landmark Central called Valextra. Fascinated, I walked in and went straight into bag love heaven. The bags were elegant and logo-free. The designs were classic and timeless. Learn more about Valextra after the jump...

Valextra is an Italian leather goods company founded in 1937. It is famous with jet-setters for its luggage and travel goods. The ones who most likely travel on private jets and do not have their luggage subjected to the rough handling of commercial airlines.

A Valextra bag spells luxury without the usual accouterments of other high-end bags (i.e., screaming logos). I particularly like the following bags:

Valextra Boston Bag
Photo courtesy of Neu Black

I know. I know. A white bag. It just looks so pretty and pristine. I can't help it. The shape is classic too.

Valextra Frers garment bag and trunk
Photo courtesy of Wallpaper

The Haute Concept describes the travel set as follows:

The duo luggage gracefully blends functionality with a sleek form. Each bag is ‘more than meets the eye’ in true transformation form:
“A sleek, 2.3-inch-deep garment bag can be folded and carried like a suitcase and features a lengthy side zipper for easy access. Even smarter is the soft trunk (available in two sizes), which contains, Voltron-style, up to nine freestanding compartments for shoes, grooming products, and clothes. (The outer bag can be unzipped and packed away.)”

Valextra bags are officially not sold online. So your best bet is Barneys New York. In a further twist and a novel concept in the luxury market,
Wallpaper reports that their latest collection is available for viewing BY APPOINTMENT only at Harrods. Wow! This is really the ultimate!

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