Friday, August 15, 2008

Cathy and the Giant Bag

Hehehe. I laughed so much after seeing this cartoon. I am also a guilty user of the gigantic handbags! They weigh a ton and I can never figure out why. My stuff just keeps getting dumped inside until I can no longer find anything at all but can see everything else (did I really need to bring 2 brushes?).

Lately, I've being using a smaller work bag and have been amazed at how much easier it is to carry my bag around. Plus, my right shoulder doesn't hurt as much anymore. How about you? Are you a victim of the gigantic handbag?


Mrs. G said...

I am! Sometimes, I even bring 3 bags. 1 tote, 1 small bag for my cellphone and wallet, and 1 bag for files. I don't know how guys can leave the house with just their wallets.

Anonymous said...

Hey bag lover! Is this what you bring to work? I have a red version remember? We have the same bag! - friend from HK

BagLove said...

I know how Mrs. G. Their significant others bring everything else! Hehehe!

Hi Friend from HK, nope, that's not my bag...yet...hehehe...working on the bag as my next project! Hehehe.

Shirley said...

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