Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Great Bags for under USD1000

Sigh! Bag prices are really skyrocketing with most entry level bags now starting at USD1000 and up. For the bag lovers out there, I found several great options to add to your collection. The good news is that all the bags are under USD1000 and from brands with stores here in the Philippines:

1. Gucci Baboushka Tote in Medium

I love the russet color of this bag which makes it stand out from other Gucci totes. The attached bag charm is cute. I think the shape is perfect for lugging around your stuff during the upcoming holiday season.

2. Marc Jacobs Rosen Satchel in Dark Gray

Marc Jacobs really knows how to make them! The dark gray color is perfect. The chain strap adds just the right touch of whimsy and allows you to carry the bag until your dinner date.

3. YSL Tribute Patent Tote in Turquoise

This bag is turning out to be a perennial in the YSL collection with new variations coming out every season. This time, the Tribute comes out in this cool blue color and patent leather.

4. Prada Cervo Antik Hobo

Made from Prada antique deerskin. I like the gathered look. Not a bad bag to start your Prada collection with.

5. Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35

Only because I am so clueless! At the Eluxury website, they finally featured a Damier Speedy 35. For those who think even the Speedy 30 may be too small, this may be the right size for you!

There you go, girls! Five great bags to salivate over. Hoping the markup at the local stores won't be too much though. It hurts to pay more than you have to.

All photos except for the LV bag from Neiman Marcus website. LV photo from Eluxury


Michelle said...

haaay... i'm salivating chippy baby. don't know if i can afford a purse at the moment. i'm broke! can't be a purse addict and tech savvy at the same time. :( unless you lend me some moolah! ehehehe :)

BagLove said...

ano ba? what is the husbandry for?! sell me na lang your iphone! Bwahahaha!