Monday, October 6, 2008

Manday Monday: Koffski

For our Manday Monday feature, I bring you a man bag for the confident man who idolizes Derek Zoolander: the Koffski. A German creation, the Koffski is bagwear for men.

The concept behind the Koffski is quite sound. The bag comes with compartments for your phone, wallet, keys and even a pen.

You can wear the Koffski slung across your shoulder...

Or as a belt bag.

The website describes the Koffski man as:

"The Koffski user is elegant and resolute, exuding an air of confidence. Women will just love him.

He tends to reduce things to their essentials. He prefers to be independent. He always knows where to look when his mobile rings. Whether he is on business or spending an evening in a nightclub, the Koffski user always has his ideal companion close at hand. Very close."

The website could have been talking about my friend, Monk. Cough. Cough.

Somehow, I have a feeling bringing this along to the Metro Manila malls will get you frisked. It looks suspiciously like a gun holster.

In any case, if interested in acquiring this bag, head here.

Update: Here are some pictures of the cute male model:

All photos from the Koffski website.


Mrs. G said...

Good luck entering malls and boarding planes. Frisk to the max!

Anonymous said...

How come you did not post pictures of the cute model?

BagLove said...

@Mrs. G - I wouldn't mind "frisking" if the male model was the one carrying the bag.

@Anon - I added more pictures na!

Batibut said...

I would frisk him too... even if he didn't have the bag. But seriously, its a cool bag. I would use that. If it came with the man... all the better! :P

BagLove said...

@Batibut - The man really made all the difference! Hehe