Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bag Spotting at North Park

My office mates and I decided to have lunch at the nearby North Park one day last week. As usual, while they were busy deciding what to order, my eyes were preoccupied with checking out the bags of the other patrons. I hit the jackpot with one particular woman having lunch by herself:

Can you figure out what her bag is? The vachetta handles are still very virgin.Here is a clearer view.

I really have to apologize for the camera quality. I have been considering upgrading my phone to one with a better camera precisely for these bag reconnaissance missions.

Stumped? It's none other than the LV Monogram Vernis Summit Drive.

This bag is making me rethink my stance on the Monogram Vernis. I really have serious issues about the color transfer and maintenance problems I've heard about this line. An additional attraction is the Amarante color which is TDF (to die for)!

Here are more details about the bag. Photo for eLuxury.


Anonymous said...

you work in makati?

Batibut said...

The poor woman had no idea you were stalking her bag! But really, if you decide to become a PI, I would definitely hire you! :-O

BagLove said...

@ anon - Nope, I don't work in Makati.

@ batibut - will consider being a PI an alternative career. Hehehe. I need a phone camera that doesn't make a sound when you take a shot.