Monday, October 13, 2008

Manday Monday: Bally Madan Portfolio Case

Some men are still leery about using a man bag. Who can blame them? In the macho Philippine setting, man bags, especially for more mature men, is still considered taboo. The only exception would be the ubiquitous clutch bag.

However, some men are constantly searching for the middle ground. Profoundly averse to the clutch bag, these man still will not sling a messenger bag across their shoulders.

This leaves the problem unsolved. Where do you put your little comb, Blackberry, PDA, cell phone, wallet, pens and keys, as well as other knicknacks, that have become an essential part of a man's everyday life?

One solution could be a leather portfolio case. With a portfolio case, the essentials are kept secure in one location other than in a man's pockets. The design is very discreet. And since the case is in leather, the portfolio case is very professional looking and can be carried around to meetings and other business gatherings.

On a recent trip to Shangri-la Mall, I happened to see a very spiffy looking portfolio case at Bally. After some research, I discovered that the case in question was the Bally Madan Portfolio Case.

Made from Italian leather, this portfolio case is a perfect way to tote around the professional man's essentials. I like the fact that no one really needs to know that you are actually carrying a man bag with you.

So, Monk, what do you think? Checking the price at the local Bally store and will update.

UPDATE: Yikes! Just called the Bally store in Shangri-la Mall. The portfolio case is PhP42,500. At current exchange rates, that's about USD900. Amazon is only selling the portfolio case for USD525.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.


monk said...

Saw this one in Bally Greenbelt early this year. Nice and manly. Would have accommodated all my stuff too. Yes, including my little comb... for when I have my Ariel Ureta mustache. Was stunned by the price though. The store has closed since then.

BagLove said...

@ Monk - I bet it would have accomodated the nose hair trimmers too.

It's still available in Bally Shangri-la but considering the outrageous price, you may want to order this from the US instead.

monk said...

I pluck so trimmers are not necessary for me. I guess you played safe and opted against posting your ultimate "man bag" find. Ha! So much for being edgy.

BagLove said...

Dude! I am a rated GP blog. For shame!

And nose hair plucking? Ew.