Tuesday, October 7, 2008

C Sees at Mercury Drug

She should have known better.

Mrs. G dragged me to Mercury Drug to buy whatever it was she was buying. With nothing better to do, I found myself wandering the grocery section. (Side note: why is there always a grocery section in a drug store? It's like the school supplies in the bookstore. Kinda a misnomer, don't you think?)

It wasn't long before I started giggling uncontrollably. I can't help it. I didn't invent these things. They're just there and somehow they call to me and my eternal amusement.

This is the box of a Pigeon feeding bottle. Have you ever checked the back?

The picture I originally took wasn't too clear so here is the original picture as shown in the Pigeon official website.

What is Peristaltic Motion?
Peristaltic motion is the smooth wave-like motion of a baby's tongue. A baby moves its tongue like a wave, rolling it front to back to draw milk (see Figures 1 to 4). The movement is encouraged as it is integral for the development of baby's jaw.


To the new moms (especially the breastfeeding ones), my deepest apologies. You have my greatest respect for taking on this challenging role that defines a woman's life. However, the picture was just... off.


Anonymous said...

I hate you. My ovaries just tensed up again because of your post. My mother-in-law should have your site taken off the blogoshpere.z

Batibut said...

@anon... don't blame her. its not her fault. these weird products and product packaging just naturally gravitate toward her... its a mystery really.

@C... i think you should blog some more.. more.. more... ;-P

BagLove said...

@ Batibut - Bwahahahaha! I didn't put that picture in the box. I just found it and brought it to your attention. Hehehe