Monday, October 6, 2008

Turkey Ham Sandwich

It's my lunch break and I am happily munching on a turkey ham sandwich which I brought to work.

Since time immemorial, moms and daughters have, what could only be described as, complicated relationships. At any point in time, you're either the best of friends or at each other's throats.

Today was one of the good days.

As usual, I woke up late. Humming Manic Monday to myself (generation gap!), I frantically prepared for work. Given time constraints, I didn't have time to have breakfast.

As I swept past the dining table, my mom calls out to me and hands me a sandwich. It was turkey ham. With cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. She told me to bring it along since I didn't have time to have breakfast.

You're never too old for a dose of motherly care and concern. Nothing can lift your spirit quite as much.

Thanks, mom!

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