Friday, October 10, 2008

Speedy Love - 2 Great Colors!


MM, tell your friend that the epi Speedy 30 has two more great colors to choose from - Ivoire and Cassis.

Here are some pictures from LouisVuittonLover's blog:

I think the Cassis is so pretty! The dark purple hue makes the bag stand out without being too "colorful". The lining is so pretty too.

As for the Ivoire, well, I know better as I have the super bad habit of plonking my bag without checking the surface. Translated, stains and grime. The horror!

Per the update, the Grenade is only available in epi Speedy 25.

I think these bags are a great start to any bag collection. Much better than monogram canvas.

Rush, rush, rush and check the LV stores now for these babies!


Anonymous said...

ohh i like...temptation

Anonymous said...

Is that a pink speedy?!?!?!


BagLove said...

It is gorgeous!

It's not pink though. It's dark purple and light purple colors.

LVhandbaglove said...

I like the light purple one. It's really dreamlike.