Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a Classic!

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Your weight may fluctuate...
Your fashion sense may evolve...
Your hair may go from light to dark...
But a great classic bag, especially if it's a Hermes Birkin, stands the test of time and will keep you company for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Size is perfect pala. The bag doesn't overpower her petite frame. She can wear it with anything!

But do you really use it open like that?

If we can't afford a Birkin, what bag would you recommend?

BagLove said...

@ anon - thanks for your comment. Let me try to come up with some suggestions. Do you have like must have requirements in mind (handheld v. over the shoulder)?

Kristine said...

Anonymous, what's your price range?Ü Ginanahan naman ako. There are really great finds around, it's just a matter of having an eye for the good ones. One who can recognize the real branded ones ALWAYS have better shopping leverage, hehehe:)

Madami diyan, ranging from 2T-3T (of course just be prepared that it's a goner after 2-3 years too:)). Or if you can go up to 5T-7T, ok na yun.Ü

Better yet, wait up for the sale!Ü

Chef Tonio said...

You are the expert. I have one question.

Christmas is drawing near and I'm planning to buy mg GF a bag. A nice one but within my budget. 8,000-10,000 pesos.

What brand do you recommend? any bag in particular?

Thanks a lot. I will come back here to see your reply. :)

BagLove said...

@Kristine - Hehehe! I'm sure your eagle sharp eyes can spot the good buys.

@Chef Tonio - Thanks for dropping by and giving me a perfect excuse to window shop! What's your gf like? Sporty? Corporate? Classic or trendy? There is bound to be a bag for her out there! And that's a pretty good price range too.

Kristine said...

Chef Tonio, yep, it depends on your GF's style. Sometimes, it's not always about the brand. UNLESS...your girlfriend is the type who wrinkles her nose on brand-less gifts hehehe:) Try going around inside Rustans, or some shops in Greenbelt. You'll see different brands all in one place.

Ninewest would fit your budget range. They have nice big bags now. Zara too. Ranging around 5-7T. Sobra pa budget mo. Or Lacoste. That classic white tote bag---ANY girlfriend would be saying i-love-you-you-are-such-a-sweet-thing all over again.Ü

If you don't have time to go around, grab an issue of Preview/Mega for more ideas:) Pa-pedicure ka muna, libre basa ka na hahahaha!!!

Chef Tonio said...


She's not sporty.. she likes brands, she doesn't like big bags. Maybe a touch of simplicity and class.

what would you suggest? :)

Chef Tonio said...

@ Kristine,

thanks sa pedicure tip haha!

anyway, I gave her a lacoste bag last 2 christmas(es) na eh..

I know naman na wala sa budget ko mga Gucci/ LV/ Prada..

anu kaya ok? help? hehe

thanks sa replies nyo :p

BagLove said...

Hi Chef Tonio,

Check out my feature on possible gift ideas for your GF. Good luck!