Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bottega Veneta Origami Leather Tote

Photo from Style.Com

No one works it quite like Jessica Stam, don't you think? Here she is at the Fall/Winter 2008 collection for Bottega Veneta rocking a brick-colored bag. Here are other runway close-ups of the bag she is modeling.

Photos from Style.Com

I found the bag at Net-a-Porter. It's called the Origami Leather Tote. Details are here. The bag is described as:

Brick pleated leather origami tote with black snakeskin piping. Bottega Veneta bag has two small handles at top, a hexagonal base, suede lining and a zip fastening internal pocket.

Of course, with all Bottega Veneta bags, the devil (that pushes you to buy this bag) is in the details.

Check out the snakeskin(!) piping...

... and the suede lining.

Very few brands still continue to use suede for their lining. Even LV's latest bag releases no longer have suede linings.

Coupled with the impeccable craftsmanship and the beautiful brick red color, I am starting to like this bag! It's a tote you can pass on to your children, I rationalized.

Then, I saw the price (USD3950) and I gulped. Several times.

If you do like the bag, head on to your nearest Bottega Veneta store to see this little bag love up close.


Anonymous said...

I think it's ugly.

BagLove said...

Fair enough.

Kristine said...

I wish I lived in a cooooooold country and could wear that coat. Looovely, with all the frills and all that blah.

BagLove said...

@Kristine - Oo nga! Super nice coat!

yoyo said...

Woooow, it's so chic. I love this one. But the favorite bag i love is the Botkier Trigger Turbo. Anyone like it?

Bottega Veneta Bag said...

Hi all,

Really, this girl is looking so smart with the Bottega leather bag. Bottega Veneta bag has two small handles at top, a hexagonal base, a suede lining and a zip-fastening internal pocket. Brick pleated leather origami tote with black snakeskin-effect piping. Thanks a lot!

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